Saint Gregory of Nazianzen – Feast Day – January 2 2024

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Today is Tuesday, June 4, 2024

St Gregory of Nazianzen was born in 330 at Arianzus, Cappadocia, Asia Minor.

He worked in Europe and died on January 25 390 AD in Turkey.

His feast day is celebrated on January 2 every year.

Saint Gregory of Nazianzen Biography
Date of Birth 330 AD
Place of Birth Asia
Date of Death January 25 390
Place of Death Turkey
Feast Day January 2
Canonization Pre congregation
Patron Saint of • For harvests
• Poets

St. Gregory of Nazianzen Life History

Saint Gregory of Nazianzen was born in the year 330 at Arianzus, Cappadocia, Asia Minor. Like Saint Basil’s, he came from a family of saints.

He was the son of Saint Gregory of Nazianzen the Elder and Saint Nonna and brother of Saint Caesar Nazianzen, and Saint Gorgonius. 

Gregory received a good education, first in Caesarea in Turkey, where he met Basil, and then continued to the rhetoric school in Caesarea Palaestinae in Israel and Alexandria.

He taught Saint Athanasius. In 348 he came to Athens, where he completed his studies for ten years of law studies. There he deepened the lifelong friendship with Saint Basil. They also studied with the future emperor Julian the Frafalne.

In 359, Gregory left Athens, gave up a legal career and settled as a hermit with Basil in Annesi Turkey. 

After two years, Gregor went home to assist his bishop father to prevent an Arian schism in the diocese.

In 370 he became bishop of Caesarea and Saint Basil the Great became Archbishop of Caesarea in 370. He faced an Arian rival in Tyana, around 372.

Gregory never went to his diocese, and this causes a strain on the friendship with Saint Basil. He preferred to work as an assistant bishop with his father in Nazianz.

Gregory was not ready to live in a hostile and unpopular city, even less to become a piece in a church political game.

He said he would never fight for a church (in the physical sense). Later they reconciled, but their friendship was never the same. The unfortunate conflict lasted to Basil’s death in 379, which was a great grief for Gregory.

Three years later, Gregory wrote about his friend and urged memories of their days together in the “Golden Athens”. He died on January 25 390 of natural causes.

St. Gregory of Nazianzen’s Birth

Saint Gregory of Nazianzen was born in 330 AD in Turkey, Europe.

Saint Gregory of Nazianzen’s Death

St Gregory of Nazianzen died on January 25 390 of natural causes.

Saint Gregory of Nazianzen Feast Day

St Gregory of Nazianzen is among the famous Saints whose feast Day is celebrated on January 2 every year.

Saint Gregory of Nazianzen’s Relics

His relics, consisting of parts of his body and clothing, were transferred to Constantinople in 950, into the Church of the Holy Apostles.


St Gregory of Nazianzen was canonized Pre congregation process.

Patron Saint of

He was a Patronage Saint for Harvest and Poems and we will update this information soon concerning his saints.

Saint’s Attributes

St Gregory of Nazianzen is being attributed with the bishop with a book, codex or scroll, censer, man writing with dove nearby, and man writing with the hand of God over him.

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