Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Saint of the Day for December 12

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on December 12 every year.

👉 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Saint Spyridon of Cyprus

Saint Finnian of Clonard

Blessed Ludwik Bartosik

Saint Vicelin of Oldenburg

Saint Edburga of Thanet

Pope Saint Callistus II

Saint Columba of Terryglass

Blessed James of Viterbo

Blessed Ida of Nivelles

Saint Corentius of Quimper

Saint Conrad of Offida

Saint Simon Phan Ðac Hòa

Blessed Bartholomew Buonpedoni

Blessed Bartholomew Buonpedoni was born in San Geminiano, Italy and died of natural cause in 1300 AD. He was a lay servant to the Benedictines in Pisa, Italy, Franciscan tertiary and was ordained at age 30. Additionally, he was a village priest at Peccioli, Italy. When he contracted leprosy he gave up parish work to spend his remaining twenty years ministering to the lepers of his region, assisted by his long-time friend Blessed Vivaldus.

Saint Gregory of Terracina

St Gregory of Terracina was a brother of St Speciosus and died of natural cause in 570 AD. He was a spiritual student of Saint Benedict of Nursia and also a Benedictine monk at Terracina, Italy. Pope Saint Gregory the Great wrote of him in his Dialogues.

Saint Agatha of Wimborne

St Agatha of Wimborne died of natural cause in 790 AD. She was Benedictine nun at Wimborne, England and also a spiritual student of Saint Lioba of Bischofsheim with whom she travelled to Germany to help in the missionary work of Saint Boniface.

Saint Colman of Clonard

St Colman of Clonard was also known as Colman moccu Thelduib or Colmanus. He died of natural cause in 8 February 654. He was also related to St Finnian of Clonard, a monk and an abbot of Clonard Abbey.

Blessed Martino Sanz

Blessed Martino Sanz was a Friar and then Commander of the Mercedarian convent of Santa Maria della Mercede Arguines in Spain.

Saint Donatus the Martyr

St Donatus the Martyr was martyred with 23 companions. He was forced into a swamp to die of cold and exhaustion but the date is still unknown.

Saint Abra

St Abra, also known as Abre, was born in 342 AD and died of natural cause in 360. She was a daughter of Saint Hilary of Poitiers, a nun and she helped spread the faith around Poitiers, France.

Saint Cury

St Cury, also known as Corentin, was born in Brittany, France and died of natural cause in 401 AD. He was a fourth-century missionary from Brittany to the Cornwall area of England.

Saint Synesius

St Synesius was a Lector and martyred in the persecutions of Aurelian. He was stabbed to death with a sword in 275 AD in Rome, Italy.

Saint Colman of Glendalough

St Colman of Glendalough was an abbot of Glendalough, Ireland and died in 659 AD.

Saint Hermogenes

St Hermogenes was martyred with 23 companions. He was forced into a swamp to die of cold and exhaustion.

Saint Cormac

St Cormac was a sixth century abbot in Ireland and also a friend of St Columba of Iona.

Martyrs of Alexandria

Martyrs of Alexandria were burned to death 250 AD in Alexandria, Egypt. They were a group of six Christians martyred for their faith during the persecutions of Decius. Very little is know outside their names – Alexander, Ammonaria, Dionysia, Epimachus and Mercuria.

Martyrs of Trier

Martyrs of Trier was a group of Christians murdered together for their faith in the persecutions of Decius. They died in 287 AD at Trier(in modern Germany).

Their names are

  • Constantius
  • Crescentius
  • Justin
  • Maxentius

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Valerico
  • Therapon of Monzja
  • Pribyslava
  • Israele di Dorat
  • Giovanni de Josa
  • Bertrando de Mas
  • Arnoldo Martin
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 12 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 12 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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