Saint of the Day for June 17

Today is Wednesday, May 31, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on June 17 every year.

Saint Botulph of Ikanhoe

Saint Albert Chmielowski

Blessed Ranieri Scacceri

Blessed Pierre-Joseph Cassant

Saint Herve

Blessed Paul Burali d’Arezzo

Saint Theresa of Portugal

Blessed Peter Gambacorta

Saint Hypatius of Chalcedon

Blessed Philippe Papon

Martyrs of Chalcedon

Saint Phere Da

Maria in the Forest

Saint Avitus of Perche

Saint Himerius of Amelia

Saint Antidius of Besançon

Saint Antidius of Besançon also known as Antel, Antible, Antidio or Tude was a spiritual student of Saint Froninus of Besançon. He became bishop of Besançon, France. He died in 265 in Ruffey ,France after being martyred by Arian Vandals.

Saint Adolph of Utrecht

Saint Adolph of Utrecht also known as Adolph of Maastricht, Adulf or Adulphus , born in the early 7th century in England was the brother of Saint Botulph of Ikanhoe. He became a seventh-century monk and a missionary bishop to Saxony. He was a miracle worker.

Saint Rambold of Ratisbon

Saint Rambold of Ratisbon also known as Ramnold of Ratisbon, born in 901 was a monk at the Saint Maximinus monastery in Trier, Germany. He became abbot of Saint Emmeram in Regensburg, Germany. He died in 1001 of natural causes.

Saint Molling of Wexford

Saint Molling of Wexford also known as Dairchilla, Molignus, Moling, Mullins or Myllin was a monk at Glendalough. He was born in Wexford , Ireland . He became abbot of Aghacainid and bishop of Ferns, Ireland. In 697 he died of natural causes.

Saint David of Bourges

Saint David of Bourges was the archbishop of Bourges, France in 785 where he served the remaining 30 years of his life. He died in 815 of natural causes . He was interred in the church of the Saint-Laurent abbey in Bourges, France.

Saint Diogenes of Rome

Saint Diogenes of Rome was a martyr. He died on the Via Salaria Vecchia, Rome, Italy and was buried in the Saint John the Martyr, Via Salaria, Rome. His relics were moved to the Basilica of Santa Praxedes by Pope Paschal I.

Saint Blasto of Rome

Saint Blasto of Rome was a martyr. He died on the Via Salaria Vecchia, Rome, Italy and was buried in the Saint John the Martyr, Via Salaria, Rome. His relics were moved to the Basilica of Santa Praxedes by Pope Paschal I.

Saint Dignamerita of Brescia

Saint Dignamerita of Brescia was a lay woman martyred with her two sons, in the persecutions of emperor Hadrian. She was beheaded in the early 1st century in Brescia, Italy.

Blessed Arnaldo of Foligno

Blessed Arnaldo of Foligno also known as Arnold was a franciscan friar. He was a known confessor, spiritual director and was the biographer of Blessed Angela of Foligno. He died in1313.

Saint Montanus of Gaeta

Saint Montanus of Gaeta was a soldier. He died as a martyr after being drowned in the sea with a stone tied around his neck in 300 at Ponza, Italy. His relics were translated to Gaeta, Italy.

Saint Briavel of Gloucestershire

Saint Briavel of Gloucestershire also known as Brevile was a sixth century hermit in Gloucestershire, England, and area now known as Saint Briavels.

Saint Nectan of Hartland

Saint Nectan of Hartland also known as Nighton was born in Wales . He was a sixth-century hermit in Hartland, Devon, England. He is the patron of Hartland, England.

Saint Prior

Saint Prior born in late 3rd century in Egypt was an early spiritual student of Saint Anthony the Abbot. He became a monk and also a hermit. He lived to nearly 100 years of age and died in the late 4th century.

Saint Gundulphus

Saint Gundulphus also known as Gundulfus, Gondulf, Gondon or Gondulphus was sixth century bishop in Gaul. He died at Bourges, France of natural causes.

Saint Agrippinus of Como

Saint Agrippinus of Como was the bishop of Como, Italy. He died in 615 of natural causes.

Martyrs of Apollonia

Martyrs of Apollonia is a group of Christians who fled to a cave near Apollonia, Macedonia to escape persecution for his faith, but were caught and executed. They were beheaded at Apollonia, Macedonia and died as martyrs. Their names are Basil ,Ermia ,Felix ,Innocent ,Isaurus ,Jeremias and Peregrinus.

Martyrs of Aquileia

Martyrs of Aquileia is a group of four Christian martyrs memorialized together. No details about them have survived. They died in 100 in Aquileia, Italy. Their names are Ciria ,Maria ,Musca and Valerian.

Martyrs of Chalcedon

Martyrs of Chalcedon is a group of three well-educated Persian Christian men who were sent as ambassadors from King Baltan of Persia to the court of emperor Julian the Apostate to negotiate peace between the two states, and an end of Julian’s persecutions of Christians. Instead of negotiating, Julian imprisoned them, ordered them to make a sacrifice to pagan idols, and when they refused, had them executed. They were beheaded in 362 in Chalcedon part of modern Istanbul, Turkey and their bodies burned and no relics survived. Their names are Manuel ,Sabel and Ismael.

Martyrs of Fez

Martyrs of Fez is a group of Mercedarians sent to Fez, Morocco to ransom Christians imprisoned and enslaved by Muslims. For being openly Christian they were imprisoned, tortured, mutilated and executed. They were beheaded in Fez, Morocco. Their names are Egidio ,John ,Louis and Paul.

Martyrs of Rome

Martyrs of Rome is a group of 262 Christians martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian. They died in 303 in Rome, Italy and were buried on the old Via Salaria in Rome.

Martyrs of Venafro

Martyrs of Venafro is three Christian lay people, two of them imperial Roman soldiers, who were converts to Christianity and were martyred together in the persecutions of Maximian and Diocletian. They were beheaded in 303 in Venafro, Italy and by 313 a basilica had been built over their graves. Their grave and relics re-discovered in 1930. They are the patrons of Venafro, Italy. Their names are Daria ,Marcian and Nicander.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Herbot
  • Colman of Lynn
  • Joseph-Marie Cassant
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 17 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 17 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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