Saint of the Day for March 8 2024

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Today is Monday, February 19, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast is March 8 2024.

👉 Saint John of God, religious

Saint Senan of Scattery

Blessed Vincent Kadlubek

Saint Felix of Burgundy

Saint Stephen of Obazine

Saint Theophylact of Nicomedia

Saint Duthus of Ross

Blessed Arnulf of Saint-Père-en-Vallée

Saint Provinus of Como

Saint Veremundus of Irache

Blessed Carlo Catalano

Saint Jón Helgi Ögmundarson

Saint Derwe of Camborne

Saint Philemon of Antinoë

Saint Apollonius of Antinoë

Saint Arianus of Alexandria

Saint Humphrey of Prum

Saint Liberius of Achad-Bo

Saint Liberius, also called Liberius of Aghaboe, had a tumultuous and immoral youth before transforming.

He subsequently lived as a Christian monk and later became the abbot of Achad-Bo monastery in Aghaboe, Ireland during the early 7th century. He died in 618 AD.

Blessed Bernardo Montagudo

Blessed Bernardo Montagudo was a friar belonging to the Mercedarian order, having been accepted into it by Saint Peter Nolasco.

He eventually rose to become the bishop of Zaragoza, Spain. In the year 1239, he died of natural causes and was interred in the cathedral of Zaragoza.

Saint Theotychus of Alexandria

Saint Theotychus of Alexandria was a layman. Having witnessed the courage of Christian martyrs, he became interested in the faint and became a convert.

He died a martyr after being drowned at sea. A legend says that dolphins brought his body back to land so it might be given a proper burial.

Saint Litifredus of Pavia

Saint Litifredus of Pavia also known as Litefredus or Liutfredus was the bishop of Pavia, Italy from 864 AD until his death.

He died in 874 AD of natural causes and his relics are in the Capella del Sacro Cuore of the cathedral in Pavia, Italy.

Saint Beoadh of Ardcarne

Saint Beoadh of Ardcarne also known as Beoadh of Roscommon, Aeodh, Aidus or Beatus born Irish was the sixth-century bishop of Ardcarne, Roscommon, Ireland. He died in 518 AD of natural causes.

Saint Pontius of Carthage

Saint Pontius of Carthage was a deacon in Carthage, North Africa. He was the companion in exile, biographer of, and witness at the trial and execution of Saint Cyprian of Carthage. He died in 262 AD of natural causes.

Saint Dion of Greece

Saint Dion of Greece also known as Dionysius died as a martyr after being stabbed with a sword in Greece at an unknown date and location. No other information has survived.

Saint Botmaele of Brittany

Saint Botmaele of Brittany was a sixth-century monk in Brittany, France, and a spiritual student of Saint Mawes.

Saint Rhian

Saint Rhian also known as Ranus, Rheanus, or Rian born Welsh was a monk and became an abbot. Llanhrian, Wales is named for him.

Saint Quintilis of Nicomedia

Saint Quintilis of Nicomedia was martyred at Nicomedia at an unknown date.

Martyrs of North Africa

The Martyrs of North Africa are a bishop and some of his flock who were martyred together in North Africa.

The only details that have survived are nine of the names which are Beata, Cyril, Felicitas, Felix, Herenia, Mamillus, Rogatus, Silvanus, and Urban.

Other Saints of the Day for March 8 2024

  • Faustino Miguez
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 8 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 8 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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