Saint of the Day – 1 March – Saint David of Wales

The Memorial of Saint David of Wales

Saint David of Wales is the Patron Saint of Wales;

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Saint David of Wales brief life History

Date of Birth 500 AD
Country of Birth United Kingdom in Europe
Profession Bishop of Mynyw (now St Davids)
Place of Work Mynyw (now St Davids), Wales, UK
Date of Death 1 March 589
Place of Death St David’s, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Feast Day 1 March
Beatification By Not Available
Canonization By Pope Callistus II in 1120
Patron Saint of Wales;

Saint David of Wales Short life History

Saint David of Wales was also known as
• David the Briton
• Degui, Dewi, Dewid, Dewm, Dewn, Dmui

He was born to the Welsh royalty, the son of King Sandde, Prince of Powys, and of Saint Non, the daughter of a chieftain of Menevia (western Wales). He was Grandson of Ceredig, Prince of Cardigan and Uncle of King Arthur.

He became a Priest, Studied under Saint Paul Aurelian, Worked with Saint Columbanus, Saint Gildas the Wise, and Saint Finnigan. He was a Missionary and founder of monasteries.

Following his contribution to the synod of Brevi in Cardiganshire, he was chosen primate of the Cambrian Church. Archbishop of Caerleon on Usk, he moved the see to Menevia.

He presided at the Synod of Brefi which condemned the Pelagian heresy. He encouraged and founded monasteries. He was the first to build a chancel to Saint Joseph of Arimathea’s wattle church at Glastonbury.

After a vision in his monastery in the Rhos Valley, he set out next day with two monks to Jerusalem to aid the Patriarch. While there his preaching converted anti-Christians. Legend says that once while he was preaching, a dove descended to his shoulder to show he had the blessings of the Spirit, and that the earth rose to lift him high above the people so that he could be heard by them all. Another time when was preaching to a crowd at Llandewi Brefi, people on the outer edges could not hear, so he spread a handkerchief on the ground, stood on it, and the ground beneath rose up in a pillar so all could hear.

Today’s Catholic Quote:

Saint David of Wales is usually represented standing on a little hill, with a dove on his shoulder

Saint David of Wales
Saint David of Wales