Saint of the Day for December 1 2024

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Today is Tuesday, June 25, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is December 1 2024.

👉Saint Eligius of Noyon

Saint Edmund Campion

Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Blessed Liduina Meneguzzi

Saint Alexander Briant

Saint Ralph Sherwin

Saint Ansanus the Baptizer

Blessed Bruna Pellesi

Blessed Alphonsine Anuarite Nengapeta

Blessed John Beche

Saint Natalia of Nicomedia

Saint Simon of Cyrene

Blessed Maria Clara of the Child Jesus

Saint Agericus of Verdun

Saint Olympiades

Blessed Kazimierz Tomasz Sykulski

Saint Evasius of Asti

Saint Didorus

Blessed Richard Langley

Saint Castritian of Milan

Saint Domnolus of Le Mans

Saint Marianus

Saint Constantine of Javron

Blessed Antony Bonfadini

Saint Leontius of Fréjus

St Leontius of Fréjus was a bishop of Fréjus, Provence, France, in 419 AD until his death in 432 AD in Fréjus, Provence (in modern France).

He supported the abbey at Lérins, France, and was also a friend of St John Cassian who dedicated many of his writings to Leontius.

Saint Resignatus of Maastricht

St Resignatus of Maastricht, also known as Renato or Renatus, was born in the Netherlands.

He was the son of Resignatus of Koblenz, a knight, and Aielis.

In addition, he was also a bishop of Maastricht, the Netherlands in 437 AD, serving for 28 years. He later died of natural causes in 465 AD.

Nahum the Prophet

Nahum the Prophet was an Old Testament minor prophet who was born in northern Palestine and later died in 660 BC.

His short prophecy is directed against Nineveh, whose destruction he warned of and saw.

Saint Florence of Poitiers

St Florence of Poitiers was a Convert, brought to the faith by Saint Hilary of Poitiers while he was in exile.

She then went with him back to Poitiers, France, and became a nun. She later died of natural causes in 365 AD in Poitiers, France.

Saint Ursicinus of Brescia

Saint Ursicinus of Brescia was a bishop of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy.

He participated in the Council of Sardica in 347 AD and still died at Brescia, Italy in the same year. His shrine still exists.

Blessed Christian of Perugia

Blessed Christian of Perugia was one of the first spiritual students of Saint Dominic de Guzman. Helped found the friary in Perugia, Italy.

Saint Martinus

St Martinus and St Declan were evangelists in the eighth century to the Germanic people who had been brought the faith by Saint Boniface of Crediton.

Saint Candres of Maastricht

St Candres of Maastricht was a fifth-century regional bishop. He evangelized in the territory of Maastricht, Netherlands.

Saint Declan

St Declan worked with St Martinus in the eighth-century evangelist to the Germanic people who had been brought the faith by St Boniface of Crediton.

Saint Proculus of Narni

St Proculus of Narni was a bishop of Narni, Italy.

He was executed by order of the Gothic King Totila and died in 542 AD.

Saint Agnofleta

St Agnofleta also known as Nofleta was born in French. She was a seventh-century nun and a friend of St Longis.

Saint Filatus of Rome

St Filatus of Rome also known as Philatus died in Rome Italy as a martyr.

Saint Florentius

St Filatus of Rome was a sixth-century holy man at Amboise, Touraine, France.

Additionally, he was a friend of St Germain in Paris, France.

Saint Cassian of Rome

St Cassian of Rome was a Roman martyr.

Saint Superatus of Rome

St Superatus of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Lucius of Rome

St Lucius of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Jabinus of Rome

St Jabinus of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Latinus of Rome

St Latinus of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Rogatus of Rome

St Rogatus of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Grwst

St Grwst Namesake for Llanrwst, Clwyd, Wales was born in seventh-century in Wales

Saint Marina of Rome

St Marina of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Ambon of Rome

St Ambon of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Ananias of Arbela

St Ananias of Arbela was a layman and also a martyr.

Saint Candida of Rome

St Candida of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Martyrs of Oxford University

Martyrs of Oxford University is a joint commemoration of all the men who studied at one of the colleges of Oxford University, and who were later martyred for their loyalty to the Catholic Church during the official persecutions in the Protestant Reformation.

Their names are;

  • Saint Thomas More
  • Saint Thomas Garnet
  • Saint Ralph Sherwin
  • Saint John Roberts
  • Saint John of Bridlington
  • Saint John Boste
  • Saint Edmund Campion
  • Saint Cuthbert Mayne
  • Saint Alexander Briant
  • Blessed William Hartley
  • Blessed William Hart
  • Blessed William Filby
  • Blessed Thomas Reynolds
  • Blessed Thomas Plumtree
  • Blessed Thomas Pilcher
  • Blessed Thomas Cottam
  • Blessed Thomas Belson
  • Blessed Stephen Rowsham
  • Blessed Robert Widmerpool
  • Blessed Robert Nutter
  • Blessed Robert Anderton
  • Blessed Richard Yaxley
  • Blessed Richard Thirkeld
  • Blessed Richard Sergeant
  • Blessed Richard Rolle de Hampole
  • Blessed Richard Bere
  • Blessed Mark Barkworth
  • Blessed Lawrence Richardson
  • Blessed John Storey
  • Blessed John Slade
  • Blessed John Shert
  • Blessed John Munden
  • Blessed John Mason
  • Blessed John Ingram
  • Blessed John Forest
  • Blessed John Cornelius
  • Blessed John Bodey
  • Blessed James Fenn
  • Blessed James Bell
  • Blessed Humphrey Pritchard
  • Blessed Hugh More
  • Blessed George Nichols
  • Blessed George Napper
  • Blessed Edward Stransham
  • Blessed Edward Powell
  • Blessed Edward James

Other Saints of the Day for December 1 2024

  • Girolamo de Pratis
  • Giovanni Gueruli da Verucchio
  • Blanche of Castile
  • Arnold of Cologne
  • Anthony the Younger

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List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 1 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 1 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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