Prayer After Communion – Anima Christi

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Today is Sunday, July 14, 2024

Prayer After Communion holds deep significance as believers express gratitude and seek continued spiritual nourishment following the reception of the Eucharist.

It is a moment of reflection, surrender, and unity with God. This prayer acknowledges the transformative power of the sacrament, inviting the Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide the faithful in living out their faith.

It serves as a heartfelt plea for ongoing communion with the divine, inspiring a life of gratitude, love, and service in the world.

Prayer After Communion

O Lord, may the sustenance we have received in our mouths be reflected in the purity of our hearts. May this temporal gift we have partaken in become an eternal source of healing for us.

May Your Body, which we have consumed, and Your Blood, which we have drunk, be deeply ingrained in our souls, ensuring that no traces of sin remain in us, as these sacred and untainted mysteries have brought about our renewal.

We humbly implore You, Almighty God, to grant that those whom You nourish with Your sacraments may lead lives that are pleasing to You. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns forever. Amen.

Anima Christi Version 1

👉 Soul of Christ, sanctify me.

Body of Christ, save me.

Blood of Christ, inebriate me.

Water from the side of Christ, wash me.

Passion of Christ, strengthen me.

O good Jesus, hear me.

Within your wounds, hide me.

Let me never be separated from you.

From the malignant enemy, defend me.

In the hour of my death, call me,

And bid me come to you,

That with your saints I may praise you

Forever and ever. Amen.

Anima Christi Prayer after Communion
Anima Christi Prayer after Communion

Anima Christi Version 2

👉 Soul of Christ, sanctify me.

Body of Christ, heal me.

Blood of Christ, drench me.

Water from the side of Christ, wash me.

Passion of Christ, strengthen me.

Good Jesus, hear me.

In your wounds shelter me.

From turning away keep me.

From the evil one protect me.

At the hour of my death call me.

Into your presence lead me,

to praise you with all your saints

forever and ever. Amen.

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