Saturday, August 17, 2019

Morning Prayer – Prayer for Success

Lord, I now accept prosperity you have brought into my life. I accept abundance into my life. Also, I accept success and well-being.

Almighty Father, I thank you for my life, my good bodily health, strength, plentiful of wealth for my family and future generations.

Thank you for the overwhelming and abundant love in my life, happiness and joy in my heart, clarity and peace in my mind.

Father, I speak these things in faith, I activate them now In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

God, victory is now flowing into me. Prosperity is near, Success is mine, In the Mighty Name of Jesus.

I believe so, for the earth is Yours, Lord’s my Father as well as everything in it and all who live in it.

Thank you, Lord, my provider. Heavenly Father thank you for bringing them into my life. In the Name of Jesus. Amen!”

Daily Catholic Morning Prayers

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