Friday, September 25, 2020

Prayer of Repentance and Salvation – Daily Morning Prayer

Loving Father! Search my heart. I beg that you would bring all my sins to my attention, that I may know them and repent. Father, cleanse me from sins I am not aware of and let me not dwell on them long enough to be rid of them.

Heavenly Father! I want to have victory over deliberate flagrant sins that are so obviously wrong in my life. Your strength can help me do this.

Yes, Lord! The words of my mouth do not mean anything if the meditation of my heart is not purified. Cleanse my heart, O Lord, that the words coming from it would come from an honest place, and thus be pleasing to you.

Almighty Lord! You alone are my rock which I can stand steady on, and you alone can forgive my sins and redeem our relationship. Amen.

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